Next Normal: Leading with Resolve According to CEOs From Around the World

Leading with Resolve According to CEOs

In a stunningly short time, lives and livelihoods have plunged into a still-unfolding crisis. Never have we seen job loss skyrocket so fast, nor the threat of economic uncertainty loom so large. But instead of purely hunkering down, business leaders must act boldly to give the company an edge for when demand inevitably returns. The […]

Reimagining Outsourcing in a Post Pandemic World

Outsourcing is one of the “flatteners” of the world, according to the book The World is Flat by Pulitzer prize winner Thomas Friedman. This portrays a dynamic, resilient, and flexible platform where organizations of all sizes and from any industry have equal opportunity in the global economic playing field. With at least 85% of logistic […]

Recalibrating Business Strategy for the New Normal

Business Strategy for the New Normal

The ongoing health crisis has profound impact on how organizations and global enterprises run their organizations in the future. Securing short-term survival is on top of the list but there is also an urgent need to make fundamental strategic decisions, from mid- to long-term, to build a sustainable growth engine despite unfavorable business conditions. As […]

A Guide to Building a More Resilient Business

A Guide to Building a More Resilient Business

As industries navigate new working norms, there is a need to identify both short-term stopgaps and long-term solutions while quickly adapting the workforce and business priorities to internal and external challenges in any market. In this post-viral era, building a more resilient business is the name of the game.   Why Resilience Is Important  Resilience is defined as an organization’s capacity to face risks and threats, recover critical functionality and efficiency, and sustain impressive […]

Risk Management For Uncertain Times

Beyond the global health crisis and market turmoil of our current moment, nearly all companies across industries require dynamic and flexible risk management to navigate through and thrive in these uncertain times. How can organizations successfully implement their strategic objectives and strategies while appropriately managing enterprise value and risk exposures? Risk Management Defined Risk management […]

The Business Leaders’ Guide to Managing a Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

Companies have rapidly deployed collaboration tools, cloud computing devices, and other cutting-edge technology solutions to enable employees to continue working virtually and prevent business operations from halting during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting Time magazine to declare such as the ‘world’s largest work-from-home experiment’.

Debunking Common Remote Work Misconceptions

Remote Work Misconceptions

Working remotely has traditionally held a bad reputation, but not all stereotypes surrounding remote work culture are based on truth. It’s time to put these five misconceptions to rest.

The Future of Shared Services

Shared Services

Shared Services is an autonomous business unit composed of people, technologies, and infrastructure that enables execution, delivery, management, and optimization of non-core but mission-critical corporate functions.