The Philippines urged to do more in protecting porous digital ‘borders’

Painting the picture of the aftermath of a cyberattack – a single cyberattack at an enterprise level can cost Php 52.4 million. The amount is Php 2.4 million more than the annual fund allocated for the implementation of the country’s Cybercrime Act (Republic Act 10175). It is with this scenario that Singapore-based field chief security officer of […]

Singapore GovTech: Migration to cloud continues, and expect more SaaS once we secure it

Singapore envisions a transition in the industry’s role form wholesale outsourcing providers to co-developers of digital projects together with the government. GovTech Director of Procurement Yu Ling Mah recommend to companies interested in partnering to invest in upskilling their employees in various technologies and secure cyber practices to win bids.

Flex: The future for India’s office segment

The shift to work-from-anywhere setup which was influenced and accelerated by the pandemic has led to the rise in demand for flexible spaces. In India, the flex workplace segment has gained the position of being one of the major sellers in the office market. The country’s flexible stock in the next 3 years is expected to increase by […]

India eases norms for voice BPOs to become global outsourcing hub

India’s liberalized guidelines for voice-based BPOs removes the differentiation between domestic and international units and permits interconnectivity among all types of other service providers (OSP) centers. This means that companies with voice-based centers in the country can now service both global and domestic customers using common telco resources. This is a shift from what before was required to have a dedicated and separate infrastructure. […]

The Philippine BPO industry eyes $29-billion revenue, more jobs by 2022

The Philippine IT-BPO sector sees a potential revenue growth of $29 billion and an estimate of 160,000 more jobs by 2022 amidst the pandemic, according to an industry leader. The sector continues to show resilience and has even become a fast-growing dollar export contributor to the country’s economy even in the last year when its revenue was $26.7 billion, and it was able […]

Alibaba Cloud plans to build data center in Manila this year

Plans to build Alibaba Cloud’s first data center in the Philippines by end of 2021 are underway. Alibaba Cloud is Alibaba Group’s digital technology and intelligence backbone. The move will enable Alibaba Cloud to better support enterprises in the Philippines in adopting cloud technologies. Alibaba Cloud’s goal is to support 50,000 local IT professionals and help 5,000 local businesses in […]

Open Access BPO Joins the Contact Center Association of the Philippines

Multilingual outsourcing firm, Open Access BPO, headquartered in Las Vegas is the newest member of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP). Open Access BPO has been an active player in the Philippine outsourcing industry and intends to continue its efforts, this time through CCAP. The call center firm looks forward to working with CCAP and the local sector “to […]

Nityo Infotech invests $100m in Singapore’s fintech firm MatchMove

US-based Nityo Infotech has invested $100 million in MatchMove making the former the largest shareholder of the Singapore-based fintech firm. MatchMove founder and CEO Shailesh Naik sees this investment as a game-changer for the company which will give it presence in 38 countries.

The Philippines’ BPO industry growing

Despite the economic constraints brought by the pandemic, Philippines’ BPO industry continues to grow steadily. Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) President Ray Untal shared that the sector grew by 1.8% in terms of head count and 1.4% in terms of revenue. He expects the growth rate for the country’s BPO sector to be from 5% to 6.5% this year.

Singapore’s economy expands more than expected in 2021 Q1

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) reported that Singapore’s GDP grew 1.3% in Q1 of 2021, much higher than the 0.2% initially predicted in the government’s estimates. The growth was attributed to the manufacturing, finance and insurance, and whole trade industries. MTI maintained its GDP growth prediction for 2021 at 4% to 6%. The year’s forecast will be reviewed again in August when there is […]